Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lyons Tea Shops

Lyons Tea Shops were always part of our visit to London as a child. We went up to London every month, from when I was three to about ten. I had to go to St Bartholomew's Hospital to have my eyes looked at. Sometimes my dad drove us up and other times we caught the train and underground. If we caught the train we would very often stop in at a Lyons Tea House, especially if we went to Oxford Street to do some shopping.
Below is one of the Oxford Street Lyons Tea Houses; which I'm sure I must have been to.
People would have been dressed like the scene below when I was very little, baby boomer generation.

Every child of that era grew up on Lyons Swiss Roll and Lyons ice cream, two iconic images. Click the link and take a walk down memory lane.


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