Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Perfect Kitchen Range

Growing up as a child we always had a Rayburn . This is like the Rayburn we had, this model is the 1946 one. It's richer brother is the Aga . Ours used coal. With an oven on the other side and heated the water, plus you could run one radiator off it. Over the years we had three. Mum and dad had one in their last little thatched cottage, that one was in their sitting room, in the big old open fireplace.

Mum always had a kettle of water simmering on the side, so a cup of tea was almost instant. It was the center of our home and brought comfort on a cold winter day


Marja Kristiina said...

Thanks so much, Christy!

Cannot beat those Rayburns and AGAs. I'm forever envious of those people who're lucky enough to have one! Keeps one warm and toasty, that's for sure.

Have a lovely week!

a home far away said...

Hi there first time her, you are an english lady in US. And I am a swedish lady in Singapore:-)

Have a great week

Miss Smith said...

We grew up with coal range in our house too, the Shacklock 500. It was so warm and cosy. It made us kind of weird and different from other families, but in a good way. My parents eventually replaced it with...another Shacklock 500. That one was racey red. It's such a nice memory.
By the way, I loved the story of your ancestors in their smocked clothes that you left on my blog.
It's in living memory that my ancestors were hey?

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